childs drawingSocial Studies, sometimes referred to as Home Studies, are studies necessary for different types of Custody and Adoption cases. We are available to travel to different areas of Tennessee to complete a study or evaluation. A home study is a review of you, your spouse, and anyone else living in your home.  A home study is required for almost every adoption and custody case.  It highlights items such as relationships, interactions with children, your neighborhood, and your childhood. Initially, the home study process frightens some families until they actually complete one. We will do my best to make the process both easy and relaxing.

  • BioPsychoSocial Assessment
  • Home Visits to Each Party
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Registry Check for Abuse/Neglect
  • Sex Offender Registry Check
  • Legal/Financial Documentation
  • Reference Checks
  • Home Safety & Suitability Inspection
  • Comprehensive Written Report and Recommendations – as ordered/requested


Parent Evaluation:

  • Evaluation of parent for fitness/capacity to parent
  • Evaluation (above) and assessment of each child
  • Home Visits to each parent
  • Collateral Interviews
  • Parent-Child Observations (in office)
  • Assessment of Custody Suitability
  • Assessment of Abuse
  • Comprehensive Written Report and Recommendations – as ordered/requested


The home study helps the courts, and the agency (if there is one involved), determine if a stable environment exists for a family to receive an adoptive or custody placement.  Collecting all the documents for the home study can be time consuming.  You can expect to discuss the following topics during your home study interview(s):

  • Personal and Family Background
  • Previous and Current Relationships
  • Health Status of everyone in the home
  • Home and Living Environment
  • Financial Information
  • Child Rearing and Discipline Practices
  • Values and Expectation Regarding Parenting
  • Expectations of and Plans for an Adoption Child


In preparation for the home visit and interview, you will be required to compile the support documentation. The documents requested may include the following:

  • Birth Certificates of all Family Members
  • Marriage License (if applicable)
  • Divorce Decree (if applicable)
  • Death Certificates of previous spouses/deceased children (if applicable)
  • Drivers License
  • Tax Return for previous 2 years
  • Physician’s statement of health
  • Copies of financial records, stocks etc.
  • Insurance policies: life, health, medical
  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers of 5-10 references, including any children not currently residing in your home
  • Estimated budget with income and expenses


Additionally, you will be required to submit to the following background checks:

  • Criminal Background Check
  • Central Registry
  • CheckPost placement reports or updates may also be needed.  These are reports ordered by the courts to evaluate the status of a placement.

The courts may require the evaluator to testify in court.

Fees for a Social/Home Study may vary depending on location, type, and number of persons seeking Conservatorship.  Please contact our office to discuss rates for your study.