check listThe Courts sometimes order Drug and Alcohol Testing when there are concerns present about an individual’s substance use or when one parent is requesting  testing against the other regarding Child Custody due to allegations of drug use or alcohol abuse. Addressing this issue is always in the best interest of the child if a custodial parent or either parent with frequent and regular visitation is thought to abuse alcohol or  drugs.

Tucker-Huggins & Assoc. Professional Counseling Services utilizes standardized and self-report measures to conduct evaluations and assessments to determine the seriousness of use or abuse and to report findings and treatment recommendation, if necessary, to the Court.

Drug & Alcohol Assessments May Include:

  • Self-report/interview information
  • Results of instruments and surveys administered
  • Records Review, including criminal record or medical reports related to substance use by the parent
  • Collateral Contacts
  • Prior Diagnosis, Treatment Recommendations or Treatment
  • Past correctional records
  • Police reports
  • Prior offense records (for driving under the influence [DUI], possession, trafficking)
  • Emergency medical reports
  • Drug test results


Assessment & Report Features

  • Administration of standard and proprietary professional substance abuse screening tools (multiple screenings for cross-checking)
  • American Psychological Association DSM-V criteria used for all diagnostic determinations
  • Recommendations for education and treatment as appropriate
  • Narrative portion in all reports provides a unique and individualized rationale for diagnoses and/or treatment recommendations
  • Extensive assessment services including third party collateral contacts, medical record reviews or consults, and extend reporting also available.


two women talking

As recommended by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA), all screenings and assessments are conducted across multiple domains of an individual’s life and may include:

Substance Abuse

  • Substance use history
  • Motivation and desire for treatment
  • Severity and frequency of use
  • Detoxification needs, acute intoxication
  • Treatment history (e.g., number and type of episodes, outcomes)

Criminal Involvement

  • Criminal thinking
  • Current offense(s)
  • Prior charges
  • Prior convictions
  • Age at first offense
  • Type of offense(s)
  • Number of incarcerations
  • Prior successful completion of probation or parole drug use offenses
  • Prior involvement in diversionary programs
  • History of diagnosis of any personality disorder

General Health

  • Intoxication, infectious disease (tuberculosis, hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV status)
  • Pregnancy
  • General health
  • Acute conditions

Mental Health

  • Suicidality
  • History of treatment and prior diagnosis
  • Past diagnoses
  • Treatment outcome
  • Current and past medications
  • Acute symptoms
  • Psychopathy

Special Considerations

  • Educational level
  • Reading level/literacy
  • Language/cultural barriers
  • Physical disability
  • Developmental disability
  • Learning disability
  • Health and biomedical record
  •  Housing
  • Dependents/family issues
  • History of abuse (victim and/or perpetrator), including trauma experienced as a result of physical and sexual abuse